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Et Tu, @TedCruz?

Last night, it was former Republican presidential candidate and Texas Senator Ted Cruz’ turn to take the stage at the Republican National Convention and give his speech. While that speech was nearly as much of a barn-burner as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Monday-night speech, it may ultimately have resulted in something negative […]

The Donald Could Narrow Down GOP Field; Immigration Comment Outrage Suspect

What a week the past week in politics has been, and the big issue was (and is) illegal immigration. What’s fascinating to me is not just that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been so outspoken on the issue, but that a few of the current candidate field have been┬ávehemently against the Donald — to […]

GOP Presidential Announcement Videos — Cruz, Paul, Rubio

In case you missed them, here are the announcement speeches for all three of the currently-announced GOP presidential candidates: Disclosure: I am currently for #LibertyNotHillary (Rand Paul), #TeamCruz (Ted Cruz), and #NewAmericanCentury (Marco Rubio)

@TedCruz and Presidential #Eligibility

Earlier this month, I had posted on what Professor William Jacobson at had tweeted regarding considering presidential eligibility for 2016’s slate of GOP White House hopefuls. And while I still believe that his 2013 posting is quite salient to the discussion at hand, it obviously (and admittedly) did not absolutely answer the question, especially […]

Illegal Immigration Turns Into High-Stakes Poker Game

Who’s going to blink first? First, the Speaker lays down his line against presidential executive orders on illegal immigration. Then, Friday’s luncheon with the Washington powers-that-be resulted in reiterating the serious push-back expected from Congress. President Obama holds firm. In ultimate response (at least prior to the next Congress taking power), both the House and […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Obama’s TX Visit…

Obama Heading to Texas… Perry Says Obama Wants to ‘Disarm the American public’… Texas Cheerleaders Defeat Atheists in Win for Religious Liberty…

Is Cruz Eligible?

The senator was born in Calgary, Canada, to a Cuban immigrant father and an American mother, in 1970. His father did not become an American citizen until 2005… CRUZ: “My mom was a U.S. citizen, so I’m a citizen by birth”… JUDGE NAPOLITANO: “The children of at least one American citizen are natural-born citizens, no […]

Cruz 2016…