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#DESen: The Grassroots is On Fire, and the Firemen Can’t Put it Out

The headline of the day today is that marketing consultant Christine O’Donnell re-routed Rep. Mike Castle’s chances at becoming the next Senator from Delaware by a greater than 6-point margin. To me, it’s beginning to appear that races like this one are pointing towards a new political reality here in America. You see, the reality […]

A Commitment is Required for Those Who Want Change

Regular readers of my site will notice that it’s been several weeks since my last posting, and I’ll blame an excruciatingly busy — and blessed — life for that. Things are going really well at home, at work and at church, and my wife and I had the opportunity to recently vote in Georgia’s primary. […]

2010: Year of the Women

“Will the media call this the year of the woman?:” While AR Democratic Senatorial nominee Blanche Lincoln beat back the left in her primary (no, really: “Organized labor just flushed $10 million down the toilet“), all bets are that she’ll be losing her seat on November 2 “Arkansas Primary Result in 28 Characters (not counting […]

The Mob Rules on Eligibility

More and more, the eligibility issue is seeping through the cracks of the media — you remember: first, it was El Rushbo, then folks like Lou Dobbs, then El Rushbo again (as well as town halls), El Rushbo yet again (CNN, too), then CNN tries to sweep the issue under the rug, then Hannity, then […]

The Sovereign Individual

American Declaration of Independence, Paragraph 2[a]: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers […]

The Mob Rules: 2010: Largest Number of Citizens Running for Congress in Years

The AP is reporting that there are now more than 2,300 individuals running for 471 House and Senate seats for the 2010 mid-term elections — the most since such tracking was started by the Federal Election Commission in 1975. Other facts from the article: In 2008, 1,717 individuals ran; In 2006, the number was 1,588 […]

States’ Rights Update: Health Care, 2nd Amendment, Immigration

Lots of activity has been happening at the State level since the re-launch of The Right Side of concerning push-backs on health care, the Second Amendment, and illegal immigration (most updates via the blog): Firearms Freedom Act Eight and Counting: Parnell Signs Alaska Firearms Freedom Act Full legislative tracking page here Healthcare Oklahoma […]

The Mob Rules

Watch out, DC, here comes the mob! Congratulations to the on their announcement of a 100% win record, thus far, for 2010 (congratulations must also go out to the many other numerous organizations and individuals who played their part in the “Tea Party Primaries” of late). Some of the organization’s big wins included Kentucky, […]

PelosiCare Passes House in Prep for Senate Battle, Filibuster Threats

Last night, not too long after 10:00pm et, the House passed HR3962, the “Affordable Health Care for America Act,” 220 – 215, with a lone Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA), voting for it. There is much at stake for both sides in this debate, and I’ll attempt to flesh the main points out in this […]

Grassroots to DC: Can You Hear Us Now?

Regarding Rep. Michelle Bachmann’s (R-MN) put out a call (my link) for a short-notice meet-up today at the Capitol (no, not those protesters that showed up earlier in the day in Sen. Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT) office and were subsequently arrested), a crowd unofficially estimated to be in the five figures showed up today to protest […]

Uh-O-bama: VA, NJ Go GOP; TX Dems Switching; What It All Means

9:40 pm (11/4) update: Before getting to the overall wrap-up of last night’s election results, LibertarianRepublican provides an update as to what’s going on down in the great State of Texas (what with the local officials switching from (D) to (R)): Austin – The Republican Party of Texas is pleased to welcome several Democratic officeholders […]

Up to 2 Million Freedom Lovers in DC; White House: “Know nothing” of Protest; National Park Service: “It is a record” — Or Is It?

Monday, September 14, 2009 Update: Via The truth will out. Despite mainstream media attempts to characterize turnout as in the thousands, a spokesman for the National Park Service, Dan Bana, is quoted as saying “It is a record…. We believe it is the largest event held in Washington, D.C., ever.” Ah, but check out […]

Web Site Files DMCA Counter-Notice Against CNN; FCC to Review “Gutter Talk” Complaints

(Pic from GaltsList blog ) For those who are not yet aware, CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen executed a journalistic hit-job at the main Chicago tea party on April 15, 2009. The web site (see the same link) had recorded additional footage of Ms. Rosegen having a bit of a “come to Jesus” meeting with a few […]

Tea Party Update: Political Change is Afoot

Many folks — including myself — have said that it’s one thing to get several hundred thousand of your political peers to go out and make your voice heard; it’s quite a different thing to turn this energy into real-life activism and begin the process of change. Well, consider the process started. Michelle Malkin relates […]

Tea Party Update: Party on DC, Sites Tracking More Tea Parties, and Obama Didn’t Know?

On September 12, 2009, FreedomWorks is sponsoring the National Taxpayer Protest in Washington, D.C. It’s likely that more and more sites are going to take the historically positive results of the tea party phenomenon and run with it. Columnist Joan Swirsky has recently written a post wondering how in the world Mr. Obama seemingly did […]

Censorship: CNN Scrubs YouTube Video; Demands Blogger Remove Own Follow-Up Video; Update: Kathy Barkulus on Fox & Friends

Following up on CNN’s journalistic hit-job on the April 15 tea party, WorldNetDaily is now reporting that CNN wants’s follow-up video of concerned citizens questioning reporter Susan Roesgen’s just-wrapped segment to remove their footage: Cable television news network CNN has attempted to block a video on that shows “tea party” protesters in Chicago confronting the network’s […]

Tea Party: The Results; July 4, 2009 is Next; GOP Rep BOO’ED for TARP Vote

(Pic from GaltsList blog) With the April 15 tea party day just over (and CNN’s journalistic hit job reaction thereto), it’s time to take a look at the results. According to the FiveThirtyEight blog, attendance was “at least 250,000”; see their link for a complete run-down of each State’s stats. WorldNetDaily is reporting 1 million […]

CNN Tea Party Push-Back: Tea Parties “anti-CNN”; Update: Blog Catches Reporter Off Camera; Reporter’s Email AWOL

SHOCK! CNN taking the tea parties personally (via MediaBistro; @PoliticalSurf): CNN correspondent Susan Roesgen could barely get through her live shot at the Chicago tea party this afternoon. Over shouts of, “You’re not a reporter,” Roesgen quickly wrapped up an interview with an attendee, then said, “I think you get the general tenor of this. It’s anti-government, […]

April 15, 2009: Tea Party Day (Updated)

While most of my updates will be via Twitter today, this posting will get things started for commentary on my blog RE: tea parties. From Michelle Malkin, she presents a “cheat sheet” on what this thing’s been all about: It’s here! For the Johnny-Come-Latelys in the MSM who will be dispatched by their editors to […]

Thousands of Tea Parties Planned for April 15

WorldNetDaily reported this weekend that they’ve been tracking more than 2,000 tea parties set to occur on April 15 across the nation: While WND has been tracking 400 individual tea parties across the nation, the American Family Association has announced its count is nearing 1,600 – for Tax Day alone. The AFA, planned to coordinate […]