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Religious Freedom Cannot Be Brought About By Discrimination

EDIT: Since originally posting this story and concluding with the idea that you might be lead around by certain leaders for the purposes of money or influence, the has a fantastic, short write-up of how this “hunch” was correct. Here in the great State of Georgia, we have been getting almost non-stop local coverage […]

@TedCruz and Presidential #Eligibility, Part 2

As a follow up to a previous posting on this site, frankly, not much has changed regarding the question of whether or not Sen. Ted Cruz is fundamentally eligible for the presidency. And no matter the pontification on the part of legal scholars, other presidential candidates, or talking heads, the bottom line is that nothing […]

Senator Ted Cruz and Presidential Eligibility

On Monday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took the step of releasing his long-form birth certificate. This was seen by one reporting establishment as not only a confirmation that he might seek the US presidency but also to apparently “undercut critics” as to his eligibility for the high office. Instead, it evoked precisely the opposite reaction. […]