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In Response To Rush on Why Folks are Choosing @realDonaldTrump Over “Conservatism”

“The question is, with this many millions of people angry, upset, disaffected, feeling left out, whatever, at both parties in Washington, why wasn’t conservatism turned to by these people instead of Trump?” -Rush All other things being equal, there seems to be no question that the population of Republican primary/caucus-goers should be backing either Sen. […]

Eligibility Update: Rush on Marco; Official Congressional Memo

Eligibility is officially everyone’s responsibility. This is now a truism. Rush sparked a bit of “controversy” (not controversy around here, but that’s another story) by bringing up Senator-elect Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) potential eligibility as President by saying the following: “I was told yesterday that I dashed the hopes of millions of people when I said […]

Rush: “Barack Obama has yet to prove he’s a citizen”

As fellow blogger Rev. Sam Sewell says on his TheSteadyDrip site: Somehow, you know its coming. That OMG moment is just around the corner. You can feel the inescapable reality creeping up on you. Something will leak. Someone will spill the beans. First, the nation’s number one talk radio show host Rush Limbaugh mentioned a […]

Rush: We Haven’t Seen Obama’s Birth Certificate; What About that 2008 HI Trip?

In a move that is sure to stir up even more controversy over Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility to be President, top radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh made some comments regarding the similarities between the President and God (h/t a concerned citizen who sent me the current front page link to My own transcript […]