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The Donald Could Narrow Down GOP Field; Immigration Comment Outrage Suspect

What a week the past week in politics has been, and the big issue was (and is) illegal immigration. What’s fascinating to me is not just that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been so outspoken on the issue, but that a few of the current candidate field have been vehemently against the Donald — to […]

TX Gov Rick Perry: Turning Adversarial Lemons into Lemonade — for 2016?

You may not be familiar with the currently-ongoing story of Texas Governor Rick Perry being indicted for vetoing State funds that were originally appropriated for a particular State agency, but catch up by clicking over to and (see especially video over at RedState). You see, when you get indicted and you turn yourself in […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Obama’s TX Visit…

Obama Heading to Texas… Perry Says Obama Wants to ‘Disarm the American public’… Texas Cheerleaders Defeat Atheists in Win for Religious Liberty…