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#RomneyRyan2012 Memo: Fantastic First Week after @PaulRyanVP Pick

The stats aren’t too shabby, especially when looking at enthusiasm/momentum: MITT ROMNEY PRESS | AUGUST 17, 2012 Location Boston, MA United States MEMORANDUM To:                 Interested Parties From:             Matt Rhoades, Campaign Manager Re:                 America’s Comeback Team Date:             8/17/2012 Tomorrow marks a week since Mitt Romney announced his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on America’s Comeback Team, and […]

#RomneyRyan2012 Picks Up Offensive Position after @PaulRyanVP Choice

The above is a pic from Romney/Ryan’s interview with 60 minutes, where CBS intentionally cut out the last 15 seconds or so of the following clip: Another staggeringly and morbidly humorous clip comes from CNN, wherein Wolf Blitzer asks DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 8 times to state the facts of where she gets the idea that Medicare for individuals […]

@PaulRyanVP: Hunter, Father, Budget Hawk, Federalist, Catholic — Obama’s Worst Nightmare

The official bio… The acceptance speech:   The House Budget Trailer: America Deserves a Better Path (a.k.a., colloquially known as the prototype for Ryan’s first VP ad): Comeback Team ad: The Heritage Foundation Speech, 2011: Paul Ryan’s CPAC Address, 2012: We could never forget this piece of nostalgia — Paul Ryan versus Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie […]