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GOP Presidential Eligibility — Rubio, Jindal, Cruz Edition

Today, @LegInsurrection tweeted a posting by Prof. Jacobson from back in September of 2013 that could probably be considered the definitive posting on whether or not Sen. Marco Rubio, Gov. Bobby Jindal, or Sen. Ted Cruz could be considered natural born citizens for the purposes of the presidency. I’m not going to cut-and-paste anything from the posting; […] An Example in Legitimate Disagreement

Not long after I posted a critique to the bloggers at (an excellent, political horse-race-type blog, by the way) after one of their editors appeared to me to be somewhat ignorant over the Obama eligibility issue, Mr. Richard E. Berg-Andersson posted a response to my response. As he copiously suggested in the referenced link, […]

Ignorance Alert: Helping an Election Tracking Site Understand the Obama Eligibility Question

Recently, I came across an otherwise informative site that tracks elections across America called I characterize the site as “otherwise” informative because while there’s plenty of great info on elections to satisfy even the biggest political junkie, they are somewhat misguided — in my view — on the presidential eligibility question. The key commentary […]