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@TedCruz and Presidential #Eligibility

Earlier this month, I had posted on what Professor William Jacobson at had tweeted regarding considering presidential eligibility for 2016’s slate of GOP White House hopefuls. And while I still believe that his 2013 posting is quite salient to the discussion at hand, it obviously (and admittedly) did not absolutely answer the question, especially […]

Leo Donofrio Comments on Judah Benjamin Article

Texasdarlin featured a commentary by Judah Benjamin on November 28 concerning Leo’s case,├é┬áDonofrio v. Wells, as well as the “natural born citizen” issue. The following is Leo’s commentary on the posting…

Perkins v. Elg and The Federalist Blog Help Classify Citizenship; Why Run Ineligible Candidates?

As Thanksgiving vacation is beginning to wane, information regarding presidential eligibility (especially in reference to the 3 cases at the Supreme Court level; see “Supreme Court Info,” top of sidebar) continues to percolate around the blogosphere: recalls a case that helps to define practical examples of “natural born” citizens The Federalist Blog provides a […]