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The Reality of Political Correctness

If you control the language, you control the argument If you control the argument, you control information If you control information, you control history If you control history, you control the past He who controls the past controls the future.” – Big Brother, 1984 I had been looking for a way to address this very prescient, […]

Faith/Virtue Should Inform Politics/Issues (In Response to @EWErickson)

“If Virtue and Knowledge are diffused among the People, they will never be enslav’d. This will be their great Security” — Samuel Adams, Chief Massachusetts Leader of the American Revolution Keep this quote in mind as we traverse Erick Erickson’s “Erick Drops the Mic on Trump and Christians,” in that not only does this series of […]

This is How to Vote in Your Primary or Caucus

There have been gigabytes – perhaps nearing terabytes – of digital ink being spilt by those who get paid to do so to influence the average American citizen (certainly at least those activist enough to vote in primaries/caucuses) which way to vote. In fact, a certain talking head has come right out and made his […]

Could It Be a @realDonaldTrump / @marcorubio Ticket?

Consider the following points of fact (whether anecdotal or otherwise): Donald Trump has arguably the strongest base of supporters of any candidate (perhaps save Sen. Sanders) this primary season. Mr. Trump has maintained such steadfast support because he is not beholden to anyone (self-funded) and he speaks his mind quite frankly. Mr. Trump has never […]

Koran Burning: What Would Jesus Do?

This coming Saturday, September 11, 2010, will mark the ninth anniversary of the Islamic terrorist attacks against America, culminating in approximately 3,000 civilians losing their lives in arguably the largest attack in United States history. This year, the Rev. Terry Jones of Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, FL has entered the fray (video clips […]

What if the Supremes Deny Writ for Donofrio v. Wells, Other Cases?

As of the date of this posting, the Supreme Court has been officially silent on the results of its Friday, December 5 Conference in which cases like Donofrio v. Wells were being considered (see my “Supreme Court Info” section on the sidebar for docket info). As explained in a previous posting, the odds are honestly against Leo […]

The Current Economic Meltdown: From Disaster to Hope

If you were to pay attention only to the mainstream media (and as a reader of this blog, clearly you do not; good for you!), you would be propagandized into thinking that either capitalism has failed and/or that “It’s All Bush’s Fault.” I think this is neither completely Bush’s fault and I think capitalism hasn’t […]

What Happens if Obama is Declared Ineligible to be President

With speculation beginning to run rampant as to the latest news for Berg v. Obama and Donofrio v. Wells that SCOTUS is making moves to seriously consider these petitions, I thought it necessary to write a post boiling everything down it its “irreducible minimum” (a fancy logical term that basically means, “this is as fundamental and basic as it […]

What Happens After the Obama Lawsuits

To date, there are a number of Secretary of State and two Supreme Court lawsuits attempting to press legal authorities to order the President-elect to reveal his original, “vault,” long-copy birth certificate. But what happens after all of the lawsuits are completed, regardless of their respective outcomes? How do we ensure that this issue never […]

The Art of Conservative Political War

Going forward, the Republican party must absolutely change how it does business if it is to have a chance at achieving majority status in Washington, D.C. It cannot rely upon missteps of the Democrat party in order to gain marketshare or the majority; “We the People” must have a reason to vote for the Republican […]

Post-Election Commentary, Notable Links, Blog Update

At about midnight eastern last night, as I was taking the dogs outside one final time, I looked up into the constellation-filled sky and asked, “I hope you know what you’re doing.” It was a brief respite from having watched Fox News and looking at multiple browser tabs monitoring the election results; a question to […]