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Michelle O Likely Not Senate-Bound

Apparently the First Lady is not heading towards the US Senate from any State after all: [ABC NEWS’ ROBIN] ROBERTS: Sasha will be in high school. There are many people that are wondering what’s your next act? Will it be political? MRS. OBAMA: Me? MS. ROBERTS: Yes, you. MRS. OBAMA: No, it will not be […]

API: MO Tape Ultimatum to Fox News

For those who are still following this story, African Press International has two different posts with their latest claims. API has been making claims to have evidence of Michelle Obama voicing off in a recorded interview for more than a month now, but no evidence to substantiate it. Maybe it’s about time for API to […]

API: Fox News Deal: MO Tapes Alleged to Air on Hannity, Greta in 24 Hours

API has broken some more news today, claiming that the Michelle Obama audio will be airing in 24 hours via “The Sean Hannity Show” and Fox News’ “Hannity and Colmes” and “On The Record With Greta van Susteren:” Many have been wondering about what will happen to the Michelle Obama tape, now that API has […]

API Sets Up Agreement With Cable News Provider To Air MO Tapes

Long story short, here’s the latest in the Michelle Obama tape saga: The remaining problem to be solved now is the legal representation and we believe this hurdle will also be sorted out now that people involved have finally realised further delay is creating a very unhealthy atmosphere to all concerned. New changes in the deal […]

API To Hold “short direct online discussion” On MO Tapes

API is saying that they are wanting folks to call in with their contact info in order to have a discussion over the tapes. Remember that these tapes (we’re still using cassette tapes in the 21st century? Whoa…) — er, maybe, audio — are still only allegedly existing. To date, the only thing that’s been publicly […]