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Video: Storm Cloud of Dust and Rain “Sat Like a Barrier” on Israeli Border with Syria, ISIS

“This strange storm of what appears to be dust, cloud and rain did NOT cross the border fence into Israel. It sat like a barrier between ISIS and Israel.”

BLOG BRIEFING: Israel Bombs Syria…

Obama to Split Jerusalem?

This in today from the UK’s (thanks, Barack Obama is to pursue an ambitious peace plan in the Middle East involving the recognition of Israel by the Arab world in exchange for its withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, according to sources close to America’s president-elect. …

Sen. Obama: Israel, Iran, Rashid Khalidi: Where Do You Stand, Sir?

Ironically, Joe the Plumber starts this post off with an interview with Fox News’ Shepherd Smith: Maybe Israel doesn’t have anything to worry about, what with Iran being such a “tiny” threat (original video of Sen. Obama followed by a McCain ad): And while we’re figuring out exactly how Sen. Obama plans to “spread the wealth:” […]