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Rush Limbaugh on Michael Flynn: “The question is, what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it and what has he engineered here?”

Sources: Obama Considering Launching His Own Media Company, Post-Presidency

This after some claimed Donald Trump would do the same if he lost the 2016 election. The White House denies, instead claiming he’s “interested in changing the ways people consume info.”

Net Neutrality — No, Obama’s Not Taking Over the Internet

Today, the FCC formally released their previously-declared “net neutrality” rules. While there is much for the digerati to discuss and parse in the 400-page document, the main reason why I bring attention to the order is regarding the hyperventilated concept that the Obama Administration is overtly taking over the Internet with these rules (as somewhat […]

Palin Lays Out Her Case for Obama’s Impeachment

After initially calling for Obama’s impeachment — with a subsequent rebuttal from the House Speaker — Sarah Palin doubles down on her call for impeachment by taking to the op-ed page of FoxNews (major highlights below): The Constitution provides the remedy for a president who commits “high crimes and misdemeanors.” It’s impeachment. To be clear, […]

To Impeach or Not Impeach?

An old-school political appointee-turned commentator and a former Governor — both Republicans of one strand or another — have now staked out opposing viewpoints on a major, percolating issue of our time (it wouldn’t be commented upon by high-profile folks like this if it hadn’t been percolating). On the one hand, Pat Buchanan thinks that […]

“Birtherism” Reached Japanese MP in 2009

The UK Mail Online (h/t @PPSIMMONS) reported yesterday on not only President Obama’s alleged marital issues but also that Kazuyuki Hamada (pictured above), a member of the upper house of Japan’s parliament, apparently had gone birther: In 2009 he also joined the ranks of the so-called ‘birthers,’ arguing in a book titled ‘Who is Obama?’ that the president […]

Carl and Brandon Gallups Explain Presidential Eligibility Endgame

In his latest Freedom Friday broadcast, radio talk show host and “Cold Case Posse” detective Mike Zullo confidant Carl Gallups shared the latest on the presidential eligibility investigation into President Barack Obama. Among the points made were that Mr. Gallups wishes to restore what he sees as a return to constitutional government and implies that […]

ABC, NBC, CNN: Release ALL Benghazi Emails!

Plaintiffs Move to Strike AL Dem Party’s Amicus Brief in Goode v. Chapman

White House, IRS Simultaneous Net Traffic to Watchdog Site in January

President Barack Obama’s executive staff reviewed Watchdog’s news website in record numbers at precisely the moment when Internal Revenue Service visits to the same site spiked,’s analytics show… This new data suggests at least a coincidence of interests in Watchdog…  SOURCE: Cincinnati IRS Office Told to Lock Down Data…

Cold Case Posse Affidavit Filed in Goode v. Chapman

Text of Affidavit…

ABCNews Reporter: West Wing Politicos Involved in IRS Scandal

Designed to Give Plausible Deniability to the President [Audio Link]… ATTORNEY: Scandal Points to White House… LAWMAKERS: Number of Groups Targeted by IRS Now Upwards of 500… CARNEY: White House ‘People Were Aware’ of IRS Targeting Conservatives, but Didn’t Do Anything About It… Ways and Means Committee Request for Documentation… Franklin Graham’s Charities Targeted: “I […]

MUST SEE: Judge Jeanine’s Opening Statement on Benghazi…

Boehner Pressured to Appoint Select Committee on Benghazi… White House Watched Attack, Didn’t Respond… Congressman: Expect More Whistleblowers… Congresswoman: Order to ‘Stand Down’ Comes from “The President of the United States”… CLAIM: Obama Fired Three Generals, Admiral in Cover-Up… CLAIM: Obama Was Lazy and Unqualified…

Benghazi Buzz Begins Impeachment Talks

INHOFE: “People may be starting to use the I-word before too long”… Believes Benghazi Will Endure to 2014 with Potential GOP Pickup of Senate… DAILY BEAST COLUMNIST: “A potential impeachment issue as long as the Republicans are in control of the House”… HUCKABEE: “Obama will not serve out his full term”… MSNBC: Possibly an “Impeachment […]

Benghazi Breaking Bad for Hillary, Obama

VIDEO: American Crossroads: Benghazi… Talking Points PDF… GRAHAM: “…dam is about to break… The bond that has been broken between those who serve us in harms way and the government they serve is huge — and to me every bit as damaging as Watergate”… REPORT: Benghazi Talking Points Underwent 12 Revisions… Terror References Scrubbed… HAYES: […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Reacts to Obama’s TX Visit…

Obama Heading to Texas… Perry Says Obama Wants to ‘Disarm the American public’… Texas Cheerleaders Defeat Atheists in Win for Religious Liberty…

Dunham v. Obama: Document Confirms Fatherhood, UK-Kenyan Colonial Law

I had originally reported’s posting of divorce paperwork, and Ed Hale of received further documentation this evening as well ( has posts here and here; InvestigatingObama has the play-by-play as well as pages from Mr. Hale). What we have, ladies and gentlemen, is another piece of the puzzle coming to light, making the whole […]

Stanley Ann Soetoro’s Divorce Papers: Where’s Obama?, a main source for information on Broe v. Reed, published an article yesterday containing a PDF of Stanley Ann Soetoro’s divorce paperwork. Their key question: “Was Obama adopted by his Step Father[?]… See for yourself:” PDF document: A Smoking Gun? You Decide! -Phil

Checking Up on Obama’s Allegedly Forged Documents has been reporting on Barack Obama’s Federal Election Commission document (two were filed; the second after Sen. Joe Biden came on board), where one has his signature in written form, and the other has his typewritten name in the same signature box. However, as you’ll see below, and to follow up on a previous […]