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Democrats Push Bill to Begin Overriding SCOTUS Contraception Decision

After the Supreme Court recently ruled that companies like Hobby Lobby don’t have to comply with an HHS (Health and Human Services) mandate that would compel the company to pay for abortion-causing drugs for their employees, Senate Democrats are pushing a bill that would override this ruling: Now, Senate Democrats want to change the Religious […]

SCOTUS: “Partial public employees” and Unions, Hobby Lobby Wins

Two interesting opinions from The Supremes came down the pike today, both decided 5-4. The first ruling was in Harris v. Quinn, in which a question arose over whether or not private employees that happened to work for the State had to pay union dues: In an opinion filled with strongly implied invitations to file a […]

SCOTUS: Pro-Lifers Have Free Speech at Abortion Clinics

Analysis: The Supreme Court, leaving a clear impression that foes of abortion have at least a limited constitutional right to succeed in having close, one-on-one encounters with patients seeking that medical service, struck down on Thursday a seven-year-old Massachusetts law that created a “buffer-zone” around every abortion clinic in the state.  The law, the Court […]

Life After the Abortion…

Regrets… Painful forgiveness… “…why do we have to fight to convince our representatives on Capitol Hill that killing babies in the womb is a sin against life itself? What if THEIR mothers had felt the way my friend did, considered them an inconvenience, and aborted them in the womb?”

Fox News to Air One-Hour Special on Gosnell…

Sunday May 5 at 9 p.m. ET…

Judge Tosses Several Counts Against Gosnell…

The Truth Regarding Abortion

I’m not sure how many had the chance to see the following video as posted by the Washington Examiner yesterday, but it brings up a very simple point that I had been bandying about in my head and rhetorically bouncing off of my wife. First, the video, in which a Christian-based group confronts an abortion doctor […]

Abortion: The Unlikely Wrench in Healthcare

While there have been three filibuster threats made so far regarding the “public option” aspect of healthcare legislation as the process moves to the Senate (Oops! Per TheHill, now Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont — like Lieberman, another Independent — is fighting for a stronger public option), abortion has now stepped up to become the […]

PelosiCare Passes House in Prep for Senate Battle, Filibuster Threats

Last night, not too long after 10:00pm et, the House passed HR3962, the “Affordable Health Care for America Act,” 220 – 215, with a lone Republican, Rep. Joseph Cao (R-LA), voting for it. There is much at stake for both sides in this debate, and I’ll attempt to flesh the main points out in this […]

What Would the President Say About this Child?

Both Gina Cobb and Jeff Schreiber have reported on how a Florida doctor has lost his license to practice after a baby born at an abortion clinic breathes and is then thrown into the trash (this makes me wonder how many other situations like this exist). Here’s Gina’s repost of the story (it’s rather grotesque, […]

MO State Reps Propose State Sovereignty Bill Regarding FOCA

Missouri bill HR 212 has been superseded: This Bill Replaced with a Substitute Bill – Check Primary Bill HR294 The title of this bill is the following: Urges the United States Congress to summarily reject the enactment of the federal Freedom of Choice Act which classifies abortion as a fundamental right and prohibits any restrictions on abortions […]

Must-See “Choose Life” Ad

From the blog, TalkWisdom, from Watch all of the “odds against” the baby’s future. Then, wait for the punchline at the end. Excellent ad. Update: NBC won’t air the ad during the Super Bowl; interesting, huh?: Brian Burch, president of the pro-life group, told he is upset that NBC officials rejected what he calls […]

Letter to the Editor: “Freedom for the Unborn, too”

Excellent letter to the editor (a FReep post) of the out of Longview, TX, sentiments with which I completely agree: I am writing this on the eve of Barack Obama’s inauguration as president. As a Christian, I am going to pray for him, for his safety and the safety of his family. (What a beautiful […]