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#DESen: The Grassroots is On Fire, and the Firemen Can’t Put it Out

The headline of the day today is that marketing consultant Christine O’Donnell re-routed Rep. Mike Castle’s chances at becoming the next Senator from Delaware by a greater than 6-point margin. To me, it’s beginning to appear that races like this one are pointing towards a new political reality here in America. You see, the reality […]

Clearly, Some in the GOP Don’t Want True Change

Clicking on the above picture will take you to former construction business owner, minister and radio talk show host Jody Hice, one of the two Republican candidates vying to fill retiring Representative John Linder’s seat in a special run-off election August 10. As a bit of quick background, Rep. Linder has become nationally known for […]

Mexican-born MO Senatorial Candidate Only Candidate Asked for Eligibility Papers

It would appear that we finally have an answer to the question that has been asked many, many times — who, exactly, controls the qualification process for candidates for any office? As originally reported by WorldNetDaily a few days ago, Hector Maldonado, a 38-year-old Mexican-born Republican candidate for one of Missouri’s Senate seats, claims that […]

2010: Year of the Women

“Will the media call this the year of the woman?:” While AR Democratic Senatorial nominee Blanche Lincoln beat back the left in her primary (no, really: “Organized labor just flushed $10 million down the toilet“), all bets are that she’ll be losing her seat on November 2 “Arkansas Primary Result in 28 Characters (not counting […]

The Mob Rules: 2010: Largest Number of Citizens Running for Congress in Years

The AP is reporting that there are now more than 2,300 individuals running for 471 House and Senate seats for the 2010 mid-term elections — the most since such tracking was started by the Federal Election Commission in 1975. Other facts from the article: In 2008, 1,717 individuals ran; In 2006, the number was 1,588 […]

The Mob Rules

Watch out, DC, here comes the mob! Congratulations to the on their announcement of a 100% win record, thus far, for 2010 (congratulations must also go out to the many other numerous organizations and individuals who played their part in the “Tea Party Primaries” of late). Some of the organization’s big wins included Kentucky, […]