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Go Vote

Even with lots of poll projections being presented for this year’s mid-term election, there remains only one poll that counts — your vote. So, two things I’m recommending you do. First, go vote. Get it done. Stop complaining (if you’re that guy/gal) and actually do something about it. Second, watch how the GOP is highly likely to […]

TX Gov Rick Perry: Turning Adversarial Lemons into Lemonade — for 2016?

You may not be familiar with the currently-ongoing story of Texas Governor Rick Perry being indicted for vetoing State funds that were originally appropriated for a particular State agency, but catch up by clicking over to and (see especially video over at RedState). You see, when you get indicted and you turn yourself in […]

Dr. Ben Carson Edges Closer to Presidential Bid

Dr. Ben Carson, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, is forming a political action committee and naming the gentleman who would run his campaign: Emerging from two-days of meetings with supporters in Palm Beach, Fla., Dr. Carson told the [Washington] Times on Friday morning he has selected Houston businessman Terry Giles to be his 2016 campaign chairman should […]

House POTUS Lawsuit: Backgrounder On the Lawsuit Against Obama’s Failure to Execute Law

On Wednesday, there was a Google Hangout that featured constitutional expert and litigator David Rivkin as well as S.T.O.P. Resolution (Stop This Overreaching Presidency) sponsor Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), where they went into the background of why and how they think House-initiated litigation could bring the presidency back in line with the Constitution. The Radio […]

“Six Californias” Plan Garners Enough Signatures to Be on the 2016 Ballot SAN FRANCISCO — A plan backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper to split California into six states has gained enough signatures to make the November 2016 ballot, the plan’s backers say. A Twitter account belonging to the nonprofit Six Californias tweeted on Monday that “#SixCalifornias will be submitting signatures in Sacramento tomorrow for placement on […]

Senate Defeats Bill That Would “Overturn” SCOTUS Hobby Lobby Decision has the details; previous coverage here. The bill failed by a Republican-lead filibuster, 56-43.

Congressman Reintroduces Law Requiring Members to Abide by Obamacare

Congressman John Fleming, MD (R-LA) recently reintroduced his H.Res. 615, taking to Twitter and Facebook to make the announcement: Congress must still live with the laws it creates. Five years ago we stood together in the midst of the health care debate to send that message to Washington. I drafted House Resolution 615 because some […]

MS Senate Primary Update: Tea Party Group Files Lawsuit Against MS SoS, GOP

From But a lawsuit filed Tuesday by True the Vote, the Tea Party nonprofit at the center of the IRS targeting scandal, could force the facts about voting in the run-off out into the open. True the Vote claims in its suit that the Mississippi secretary of state and the state’s GOP “failed to […]

Palin Lays Out Her Case for Obama’s Impeachment

After initially calling for Obama’s impeachment — with a subsequent rebuttal from the House Speaker — Sarah Palin doubles down on her call for impeachment by taking to the op-ed page of FoxNews (major highlights below): The Constitution provides the remedy for a president who commits “high crimes and misdemeanors.” It’s impeachment. To be clear, […]

“Mississippi Strategy” Makes Its Way to Georgia House Race

It appears that what recently happened in the Mississippi Senate run-off race — the GOP Establishment appearing to ask Democrats to vote for the Establishment candidate in the GOP primary as a means of knocking out a more conservative GOP candidate — is now heading to my home State and my own congressional district: Jody Hice, […]

MS Senate Primary Update: How Not To Properly Hijack a Political Audio Conference

Yesterday, posted a Cochran campaign audio conference, providing an opportunity for the press to listen to their views of how the runoff went as well as (allegedly) allow for questions. In my professional IT conferencing experience and opinion, both sides — the Cochran and McDaniel campaign representatives/surrogates — handled the call exceptionally incorrectly and, […]

MS Senate Primary Update: Allegations of 1,000+ Illegal Votes, Officials Barring Reviews, Corrupt GOP Establishment?

Update: Not only is the DailyMail beginning to rather extensively report on the below, but apparently “‘Several’ Republican senators reportedly uneasy with GOP’s tactics in Mississippi runoff.” Ya think? I have my thoughts below. TheGatewayPundit has been taking serious point on Chris McDaniel’s campaign continuing to investigate alleged shenanigans by — of all organizations — the […]

TX Reps Flores, Gohmert Propose $1 Million Reward for IRS Emails

The Identify and Recover Sent Emails Act: …would award $500,000 to anyone with “pertinent information sufficient for prosecution” of anyone involved in the destruction of Lerner’s e-mails or a cool $1 million to anyone who can recover the e-mails outright. How is the sizeable bounty to be funded? From the IRS budget. In addition, the […]

McDaniel’s Not Conceding; Suggests Illegal Dem Vote for Cochran by Way of GOP Leadership

Full audio from The Mark Levin Show at link: We haven’t conceded and we’re not going to concede right now. We’re going to investigate. Naturally sometimes it’s difficult to contest an election, obviously, but we do know that 35,000 Democrats crossed over. And we know many of those Democrats did vote in the Democratic primary […]

MS Tea Party Hosting Post-Runoff Press Conference

Regardless of what State Senator Chris McDaniel may or may not formally do in response to yesterday’s runoff election for the GOP Senate primary, the Mississippi Tea Party is providing their own response: The Ms Tea Party will hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon at 4:00 PM lower level of the Capitol with comment on […]

Senator Cochran Wins MS Senate Primary by 6,000 Votes

For the first time in 30 years, turnout during the Mississippi Senate runoff was 10% higher than the primary: But conventional wisdom also went down to defeat Tuesday night. Turnout was nearly 10 percent higher than it was in the first round earlier this month. And a man who had spent 42 years in Congress […]

Bi-Partisan Committees of State Delegates Discuss Article V Convention Specifics

So far this year, three States have passed an application to call a Constitutional Convention, and legislators from 14 additional States are committing to filing applications in 2015. In theory, Congress must call a convention if a total of 34 States pass an application to propose constitutional amendments, where the same number of States would […]

MS Senator Thad Cocran Primary Tomorrow

The long-time Republican Senator’s seat is up for grabs in tomorrow’s primary. Mississippi is one of 7 States holding primaries of one sort or another tomorrow. Currently, Tea Party candidate Chris McDaniel is ahead. This would be the first Senate seat “primaried” this year if polling holds true.

GOP Strategizes to Delay Individual Obamacare Mandate

On the heels of the Obama Administration’s arbitrarily deciding to delay the employer mandate of requiring companies to carry approved health insurance coverage until at least 2014, both House and Senate Republicans are now pushing to delay the individual mandate as a parallel proposition. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor: “After both bills pass we combine […]

#Election2012: Obama Handily Wins Re-Election, and the GOP Must Change to Win Nationally; More Confirmations

As of Wednesday, November 7, the electoral count (FoxNews) stands at 303 – 206 in Obama’s favor, with only Florida having yet to complete their tallies. Aside from being shocked (I allowed myself to succumb to the eccentricities of the Morris/Rove/Barone/Ulsterman-WHI “Romeny’s-going-to-win-by-a-landslide” contingent), the bottom line is that Team Obama simply had a better ground […]

#RomneyRyan2012 Memo: Fantastic First Week after @PaulRyanVP Pick

The stats aren’t too shabby, especially when looking at enthusiasm/momentum: MITT ROMNEY PRESS | AUGUST 17, 2012 Location Boston, MA United States MEMORANDUM To:                 Interested Parties From:             Matt Rhoades, Campaign Manager Re:                 America’s Comeback Team Date:             8/17/2012 Tomorrow marks a week since Mitt Romney announced his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on America’s Comeback Team, and […]

#RomneyRyan2012 Picks Up Offensive Position after @PaulRyanVP Choice

The above is a pic from Romney/Ryan’s interview with 60 minutes, where CBS intentionally cut out the last 15 seconds or so of the following clip: Another staggeringly and morbidly humorous clip comes from CNN, wherein Wolf Blitzer asks DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz 8 times to state the facts of where she gets the idea that Medicare for individuals […]

@PaulRyanVP: Hunter, Father, Budget Hawk, Federalist, Catholic — Obama’s Worst Nightmare

The official bio… The acceptance speech:   The House Budget Trailer: America Deserves a Better Path (a.k.a., colloquially known as the prototype for Ryan’s first VP ad): Comeback Team ad: The Heritage Foundation Speech, 2011: Paul Ryan’s CPAC Address, 2012: We could never forget this piece of nostalgia — Paul Ryan versus Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie […]

Questioning Mitt Romney’s Faith or Why Mormonism Looks Like But is Not True Christianity

If you thought presidential eligibility was a hot topic for this blog to cover, I really don’t think you’ve seen anything yet. However, one of the reasons why I originally started this blog was as a personal experiment in sharing my thoughts with the blogosphere. Over the past few years, I’ve garnered lots of friends […]

Unannounced Candidate in the Ultimate Rogue Campaign?

The above video courtesy @RealClearScott. What is Sarah Palin up to? A couple of worthy reads might help point the way (as if the video weren’t enough). The first is from Conservatives4Palin; it’s a short read, with only two paragraphs copied here: …They [Obama, liberals] would tell people, “You know why you have it so bad. […]

#TeaParty: Palin the Presidential Hopeful; Farah and the “Birther” Brouhaha

For your Tea Party Convention round-up multimedia enjoyment… Sarah Palin tells ‘Fox News Sunday’: Barack Obama needs to ‘toughen up’ if he wants to be re-elected Palin ‘Would Be Willing’ to Take On Obama in 2012 Sarah Palin to Tea Party Convention: ‘This is about the people’ Palin Assails Obama at […]

#MASen: Senator @ScottBrownMA — Congratulations!

At shortly after 5:00pm ET today, Lt. Col. Scott Brown formally became Senator Scott Brown from the great State of Massachusetts (maybe now I can stop saying, “Tax-a-chusetts”). posted the following from his swearing in and his first official press conference as Senator: Thus endeth the supermajority. Two clips for you, one of the […]

#StatesRights: “Cornhusker Kickback” Out; Senators Concerned; States Opt Out; Other News

8:45pm ET Update: Regardless of what the federal government may do concerning healthcare, a majority of States are looking at or passing their own constitutional amendments to keep Congress from encroaching on their turf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) supports the initiatives (excerpted from The Washington Times): Lawmakers in 30 states are pressing […]

#MASen: Senator-Elect @ScottBrownMA Aftermath Linkfest

There’s been a lot of news that has come out in the aftermath of the political earthquake we call the election of Senator-Elect (Wow!) Scott Brown (R-MA: how often have you associated an “R” with “MA?”) that this posting is going to be a linkfest for your perusal. I absolutely have to start out with […]

Senator-Elect @ScottBrownMA: The “Scott” Heard ‘Round the World – Congratulations!

One more quick update for this posting. Via AmericanPower, here are the YouTube videos of Senator-Elect Scott Brown (R-MA)’s acceptance speech last night in Boston: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Update: With 100% of the precincts reporting, Brown had 52% (1,161,586 votes) and Coakley had 47% (1,055,409 votes); Kennedy had 1% (22,165 votes). To get an […]