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Local GA News Coverage of Obama Ballot Challenge

Thanks, Dan, for the update (via WXIA/11Alive/NBC): The Liberty Legal Foundation is presently taking the lead on this Georgia-based initiative; more info can be found on their Georgia Ballot Challenge page. Carl Swensson is one of a number of Plaintiffs in this case. Regarding Mr. Jablonski, I respect the fact that he has a dissenting […]

GA Court Dismisses Obama’s Motion to Dismiss Ballot Challenge

Many who have opposed questioning Obama’s eligibility for President have often referred those who have questioned to legally begin questioning such eligibility issues at the beginning of a campaign season, and I think, in this instance, the opposition was and is correct. Van Irion (please click on that link for a brief and impressive bio on this […]

Obama Admin: Chaos, Depression, CIA, Eligibility, 25th Amendment Whispers

Investigative journalist Wayne Madsen is again trotting out some interesting insider gossip concerning the Obama Administration’s seeming inability to hold things together, high-level intrigue, paranoia, depression, 2012 running mate questions, even going so far as to suggest that the 25th Amendment could be invoked, should executive actions continue on their present course (big h/t to […]

#TeaParty: Palin the Presidential Hopeful; Farah and the “Birther” Brouhaha

For your Tea Party Convention round-up multimedia enjoyment… Sarah Palin tells ‘Fox News Sunday’: Barack Obama needs to ‘toughen up’ if he wants to be re-elected Palin ‘Would Be Willing’ to Take On Obama in 2012 Sarah Palin to Tea Party Convention: ‘This is about the people’ Palin Assails Obama at […]

#StatesRights: “Cornhusker Kickback” Out; Senators Concerned; States Opt Out; Other News

8:45pm ET Update: Regardless of what the federal government may do concerning healthcare, a majority of States are looking at or passing their own constitutional amendments to keep Congress from encroaching on their turf, and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) supports the initiatives (excerpted from The Washington Times): Lawmakers in 30 states are pressing […]

#MASen: Senator-Elect @ScottBrownMA Aftermath Linkfest

There’s been a lot of news that has come out in the aftermath of the political earthquake we call the election of Senator-Elect (Wow!) Scott Brown (R-MA: how often have you associated an “R” with “MA?”) that this posting is going to be a linkfest for your perusal. I absolutely have to start out with […]

Senator-Elect @ScottBrownMA: The “Scott” Heard ‘Round the World – Congratulations!

One more quick update for this posting. Via AmericanPower, here are the YouTube videos of Senator-Elect Scott Brown (R-MA)’s acceptance speech last night in Boston: Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Update: With 100% of the precincts reporting, Brown had 52% (1,161,586 votes) and Coakley had 47% (1,055,409 votes); Kennedy had 1% (22,165 votes). To get an […]

Brown vs. Coakley: The Week that Will Change Politics

I have been highlighting numerous stories here at The Right Side of Life that show how this week — and, specifically, Tuesday, January 19, 2010 — will be changing the political landscape as the Massachusetts special election culminates in a pick for US Senate. Even if State Senator Scott Brown loses, Congress is well aware […]

Lt. Col. @ScottBrownMA: Kirk Won’t Be 60th Vote After Election, Say GOP Lawyers; “Voter Bomb” Commences

A quick poll update: ran a number of poll models on the Massachusetts special election. While the “worst-case” scenario still shows Coakley trailing by 4 percentage points, it’s important to take note of the number of types of voters involved with any given poll. Of course, as a commenter pointed out in a previous […]

Lt. Col. @ScottBrownMA: Absenteers Affirm 58-42; Coakley Cornered Over Lawsuits; SEIU Comes Out… in Support

Via RealClearPolitics: Coakley loses one-in-five Democrats to Brown, while the Republican state senator has 94 percent of Republicans behind him. Brown has a commanding 58-37 advantage among “unenrolled” voters, mainly independents and those who prefer not to register affiliation with the major parties. A trend worth noting as well: 9 percent of voters say they’d already […]

Lt. Col. @ScottBrownMA: All Internals Show Brown Leading; Cambridge Police Endorse

At this point in the Massachusetts special election (to be held Tuesday, January 19, 2010), both the GOP and the Democrats show internal polling numbers with the State Senator ahead. Steve Kornacki writes that the State Attorney General’s internals show Brown ahead by 3: I’ve been told reliably that Martha Coakley’s internal poll for Thursday […]

Brown-Out*: Coakley: No Religious Freedom in ERs; Terrible AG Record; More Polling Data

Excellent video (huge h/t JammieWearingFool), above, in full post mode, to go along with an earlier video posting. She wasn’t satisfied in disclaiming any knowledge in the “Reporter Down” incident, nor in making a strike-out against Fenway Park fans. Nope; instead, she had to take it one giant leap further (h/t GatewayPundit): Democrat Martha Coakley was […]

Reporter Down*: Coakley Claims Ignorance, Sheehan Somewhat Apologizes; Yet Another Stumble

Thursday, January 14, 2010 Update: You’ll see at the bottom of last night’s update the second slip-up where State Attorney General Martha Coakley didn’t want to stand outside, in the cold, shaking hands at Fenway Park. So, State Senator Scott Brown decided to make an ad out of this difference in attitude: The Rothenberg Political […]

Now 15 State AGs, Others Oppose “Cornhusker Kickback;” Lawsuit “Virtual Certainty” if Present Bill Passed

Wednesday, January 13, 2010 Update: The Washington Times is reporting on the “Kickback Campaign,” where South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster is currently focusing his efforts on challenging the Nebraska Compromise but is leaving the door open for other legal challenges regarding the healthcare legislation: Mr. McMaster spoke to conservative-leaning writers at a roundtable hosted […]

Coakley “A Little Frightened” at “Very Tight Race,” Memo: “Trouble Moving Independents”

After an extremely positive showing by State Senator Scott Brown during last night’s debate as well as a phenomenal outpouring of over $1.3 million for his campaign, his Democrat opponent, Massachusetts (spelled correctly!) Attorney General Marsha Coakley, is “a little frighten[ed at] how much traction he’s been able to get so quickly” (h/t LegalInsurrection): This account […]

Lt. Col. @ScottBrownMA’s Best Debate Line; Raises Over $1.3M; GA GOP Joins Fight

Via LegalInsurrection, a quick update for those of you who didn’t get a chance to watch either via or C-SPAN this evening at 7pm et: In a general discussion on healthcare, David Gergen, debate moderator, was asking the Lt. Col. his views on the pending legislation in Congress. In the middle of the discussion […]

Lt. Col. @ScottBrownMA: SoS Could Stall Certification; Leading 48-47

Saturday, January 9, 2010 Update: At T-10 days until the special election, Public Policy Polling, a left-leaning polling organization, posted today that Lt. Col. Brown as leading in MA, 48-47. Best aspect? The indies are speaking out: -Brown has eye popping numbers with independents, sporting a 70/16 favorability rating with them and holding a 63-31 lead in […]

13 State AGs Reject, May Litigate on “Nebraska Compromise;” Governors Question Feds

Friday, January 8, 2010 Update: Excerpted from Yahoo! News: “What Health Care Reform Means for the States,” the “Nebraska Compromise” is also known as the “Cornhusker Kickback,” and appears to be the beginning of the precipice of legal action, should the healthcare bill get signed into law, especially in its current form: 4. A Fight […]

#iamthemob: “America Rising” Against Democrat Pols

Above is the video (click the post link for full page mode), and here are some statistics via an email from showing, as I noted in my previous posting, the Democrats starting the New Year in not-so-good fashion: President Obama President Obama begins his second year in office with a job approval rating weakened […]

#healthcare Linkfest: Democrats Begin Not-So-Happy New Year

There’s been a lot going on regarding healthcare, especially concerning State-based reaction and Democratic retirements (likely on account of the toxic voting), so much so that I’m going to quickly jump from link to link. Enjoy: The President said — on eight specific occasions — during the 2008 campaign that C-SPAN should be a part […]

Federal Budget: “Unprecedented Size, Scope”; GOP Responds To President’s Challenge

The quote comes from an article in USA Today. The President’s budget proposal is expected to cash in taxpayer’s hard-earned monies at the rate of more than $3.5 “t”rillion: All this would come at a price to be paid by in the future: annual deficits of at least $500 billion, and a federal debt that […]

Senate Pushes America Towards Socialism, 60-38

The vote, which officially started at approximately 5:30pm ET, came to a close just before 11:00pm ET tonight after Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) got back from Mansfield, OH after attending a wake for his late mother. Aside from the fact that this bill has been, thus far, the biggest “stimulus” package America has ever passed […]

“Porkulus Maximus” Bill Passes House 246-183 (No GOP Support); Healthcare Proposal Unearthed; Now Only 60 Votes?

The fact that the so-called stimulus bill has been pushed through the national Bicarmeral Legislature at breaknik speed without due legislative processes in both chambers may not be known by the American people, but even Democrats are concerned about how this apparent lack of oversight on bills will continue playing out. One such instance of even […]

Sen. Gregg Withdraws from Commerce Consideration Stating Stimulus and Census Politicization

New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg (R), after being considered as Commerce Secretary, withdrew himself after watching the [lack of] stimulus debate and the move of Census from Commerce. Here’s the video, courtesy of’s commentary: The media and Democratic spokespersons will likely spin this withdrawal as a selfishly partisan move by Sen. Gregg, particularly […]

Porkulus Maximus: GOP Turncoat Senators Exposed; Final Senate Passage 61-37; Conference Next

It looks like the Senate came up with a deal on the so-called stimulus bill: Senate Democratic leaders struck a deal with a handful of moderate Republicans late Friday on a leaner economic-recovery package and pushed for a vote after five days of partisan deadlock over a plan that had swollen to $930 billion. Senate […]

House GOP on Senate Stimulus Bill: Here’s the Pork!

CNN reports that House Republican leaders have created a listing of some of the pork in the stimulus bill being debated by the Senate: • $2 billion earmark to re-start FutureGen, a near-zero emissions coal power plant in Illinois that the Department of Energy defunded last year because it said the project was inefficient. • […]

Senate GOP Raise Doubts on Current Stimulus Bill; Support Is Dropping

Update: From Results from a new Rasmussen Reports survey released today shows that only 37% of those polled now favor the Democrat’s idea of stimulus, while 43% oppose it and 20% cannot make up their minds. … Even though sixty-four percent (64%) of Democrats still support the plan, that figure is down from the 74% who […]

Tax Cheat, Round 2 Featuring Former Senator Tom Daschle; Update: He’s Gone

Update: He’s bowing out. Let’s start with the basics from the AP: Tom Daschle collected nearly a quarter of a million dollars in fees in the last two years speaking to leaders of the industry President Barack Obama wants him to reform as the administration’s health secretary. That was just a portion of the more than […]

The Senate’s Turn on Stimulus:, SEIU, others Pressuring Senators

There are many reasons to believe that only a slight handful of GOP Senators are going to be proverbially peeled away from the caucus to vote for this thing. For starters: It seems the House passed bill on ’stimulus’ is not going to survive the Senate. First off, no Republicans (rightfully) voted for it and […]

Rep’s Son Could Directly Benefit from Stimulus Bill

According to a report in today’s Washington Times, Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. David Obey (D-WI) is being questioned over an earmark for national parks — larger than the service’s entire national budget — could be benefiting the chief lobbyist’s senior VP of government affairs, Craig Obey, the Representative’s son: A top House Republican is demanding […]