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Illegal Immigration Turns Into High-Stakes Poker Game

Who’s going to blink first?

First, the Speaker lays down his line against presidential executive orders on illegal immigration.

Then, Friday’s luncheon with the Washington powers-that-be resulted in reiterating the serious push-back expected from Congress.

President Obama holds firm.

In ultimate response (at least prior to the next Congress taking power), both the House and the Senate prepare to take action.

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) began circulating a letter to the chair and ranking member of the House Appropriations Committee, asking for language to be added to the Continuing Resolution (what allows the government to be funded in lieu of an actual budget) that would strip funding allowing the President to issue work permits and green cards for illegal immigrants.

On the Senate side, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) released a statement saying that part of the confirmation process for the recently-announced Attorney General replacement should be to ask her views on whether presidential amnesty plans are constitutional and legal.

Will the President force Ms. Lynch’s confirmation during the lame-duck congressional session? If not, her confirmation could be hinged upon the President backing off such executive orders in the next Congress.

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