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The People Spoke — Now It’s Time To Govern

Congratulations, Republicans — we, the People spoke in a sea-change of a way.

In the Senate, all winning Senators ran against Obamacare.

In the House, the GOP hadn’t won as many seats since 1928.

Heck, after last night, Democrats even sank to pre-Great Depression lows at the State level.

And as I pointed out yesterday, three GOP women actually ended up making history in winning their respective races — capped off by this 18-year-old freshman elected to West Virginia’s House of Delegates — the youngest State lawmaker in America.

What does all of this mean?

We’re a center-right nation.

On the one hand, yes, the President and his party needs to stop. I think that’s been proven abundantly clear.

On the other hand, Republicans must also be willing to go on the offensive and produce legislation that pushes for their constituents’ interests — and be willing to let the President veto what he will veto.

We shall see.

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