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TX Gov Rick Perry: Turning Adversarial Lemons into Lemonade — for 2016?

You may not be familiar with the currently-ongoing story of Texas Governor Rick Perry being indicted for vetoing State funds that were originally appropriated for a particular State agency, but catch up by clicking over to and (see especially video over at RedState).

You see, when you get indicted and you turn yourself in (or are brought in), you have to have a mugshot.

Now, when you get a mugshot, it’s usually not all that flattering, and in the political world, it can follow you forever and essentially ends or seriously curtails any chances you have of pursuing a political career.

However, one tweeter — @UnsavoryAgents — put together an absolutely fantastic mock-up of the Governor’s mugshot that, in my opinion, absolutely must be used if he were to choose to enter the GOP 2016 presidential arena:

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