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New Jersey Assemblyman Files Convention of States Application

Assemblyman Michael Carroll filed ACR171 earlier this month:

“Freedom is a bi-partisan matter,” said Victoria Jakelsky, the legislative liaison for the New Jersey Convention of States Project. “Liberty and justice are the American way. Though many Americans are weary and feel as if efforts to defend freedom are pointless, we have a duty to stand firm. We are taking this duty seriously here in New Jersey as Assemblyman Carroll, a fierce opponent of ‘judicial usurpation of the legislative function,’ leads the fight.”

In general, States call a Convention of States by passing a resolution (e.g.: an Application) and then submitting them to Congress. At the point that Congress receives 34 such Applications that deal with the same subject (based on the current number of States in the Union), it must name the time and place for such a Convention.

If New Jersey passes their Application, they would join Alaska, Florida and Georgia in having passed a Convention of States Application.

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