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At the Movies: Didn’t like Aronofsky’s Noah? Try a Different Biblically-Based Pre-Flood Saga

While I’ve written my share of commentary (and commentary in response to commentary on the same forum!) regarding Darren Aronofsky’s Noah (due out next Tuesday), I had also come across an arguably better creative re-telling of antediluvian history.

If you are interested in learning more about events (both factual and mythological) that lead up to the Flood (and beyond), I’d highly recommend a series of books by screenwriter and author Brian Godawa, entitled Chronicles of the Nephilim, beginning with Book 1: Noah Primeval.

As his site and prefaces to his books takes great pains to make clear, Brian has taken the time and effort to thoroughly research both biblical and ANE (Ancient, Near-East) history and mythology to come up with an exceptionally creative, fictional novel written from a biblical perspective. He definitely isn’t writing anything on the level of scripture, nor is he saying the events he describes are absolutely true. However, using this genre, he takes the reader on a fantastic journey through a plausible story of what it might have been like to live during such a pivotal time during earth’s history.

In addition to his novel form of writing, he has included plenty of appendixes that present the research he used behind the stories, demonstrating the virtually realistic perspective he gives to humans — and creatures — alike. Whether or not you watched Noah (or even want to do so), I believe that the Chronicles of the Nephilim deliver — from a biblical perspective — what the movie didn’t.

As of this posting, I’m just now getting halfway through Noah Primeval, and it really is inspiring on a number of levels. For those theological purists, it most definitely gives glory to God. For those creative types (including exegetes), the novel helps to connect the proverbial dots about humans, angels, and the time periods in question.

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