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“Mississippi Strategy” Makes Its Way to Georgia House Race

It appears that what recently happened in the Mississippi Senate run-off race — the GOP Establishment appearing to ask Democrats to vote for the Establishment candidate in the GOP primary as a means of knocking out a more conservative GOP candidate — is now heading to my home State and my own congressional district:

Jody Hice, the undisputed conservative in the race to replace Congressman Paul Broun, is . . . well . . . a conservative. His opponent, Mike Collins, is the son of a congressman who goes around the district talking about what friends he is with various House committee chairmen in DC, etc.

In an organized effort, an outside group has begun mailing Democrats absentee ballot applications. The mail piece explains to Democrats that there is no chance a Democrat will win in the district (true, Paul Broun won it several times) and the only way to stop conservatives from winning is to support Mike Collins.

Rep. Broun did indeed handily win in the district, making it all the more unlikely that Democrats aren’t likely to push the race against Dr. Hice, at least very easily.

While the 10th Congressional District is overwhelmingly Republican, we’ll see how this one plays out.

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