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Boehner on Obama Impeachment: “I Disagree”

In specific response to former Governor Sarah Palin’s call to impeach President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner wasted no time in pushing back:

“I disagree,” Boehner said when asked by reporters Wednesday morning. When a reporter pointed out that some House Republicans also are calling for impeachment, Boehner said again: “I disagree.”

It appears that Gov. Palin has significant influence within the GOP, doesn’t it? How many other current commentators could receive a direct response from the top GOP House leader with turn-around time of less than 24 hours?

Late last month, the House Speaker began threatening Obama with a lawsuit over the President’s alleged abuse of executive power, presumably believing that such a lawsuit would be a better legal play against the President than outright impeachment.

Both the former Governor and commentator Pat Buchanan recently laid out their particular viewpoints for and against impeachment at this time. My logistical viewpoint is included there as well.

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