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As I’ve recently posted, I still don’t think that Obama will be making a personal appearance in front of Judge Malihi at any time from January 26, 2012 or forward, and I don’t think there’s really a need for that to occur anyway.

I personally agree with attorney Van Irion and his pursuit of this issue: nobody needs Obama to show up in any Court in order to prove he is ineligible for office. There are really technically three ways to make a case against Obama’s eligibility:

  1. Obama’s clear and unequivocal admission that his father was always a Kenyan citizen, coupled with:
  2. Other cases that seem to suggest that natural born citizenship is upheld only with two American (though not necessarily natural-born) citizens; and/or:
  3. Formally presenting Obama’s birth certificate to the Court.

Point number three is the biggy here, in my opinion. In theory, such documentation could then be formally questioned in Court, and a final determination could then be sent back to GA’s SoS.

Here’s the video:


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