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Trump Embraces Birthers: On MSNBC; But Why Now?; “Eligibility Apprentice”; Eligibility Cartoon

I can now see why Mr. Trump has made billions. He doesn’t appear to allow emotions to cloud his judgment and, with that, he’s not afraid to question. After all, you don’t survive in business for long being emotional about decisions or being afraid to confront even controversial issues.

So, The Donald took on MSNBC (via BirtherReport) and quite well, in my opinion (though he needs to understand the linguistics between a “birth certificate [by which one means the long-form version]” versus a “certification of live birth”):

Andrea has her own hunch of a theory on just why Mr. Trump is promoting so much interest on the issue.

For some comic relief, someone put together a great parody on Donald Trump, eligibility, and The Apprentice by piecing dialog and stills into the following video:

As an update, check out the latest in computer-generated cartoon parody regarding eligibility:

“First they laugh at you, then they ignore you, then they fight you, then you win.” — Gandhi


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