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Senator-Elect @ScottBrownMA: The “Scott” Heard ‘Round the World – Congratulations!

One more quick update for this posting. Via AmericanPower, here are the YouTube videos of Senator-Elect Scott Brown (R-MA)’s acceptance speech last night in Boston:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 Update:

With 100% of the precincts reporting, Brown had 52% (1,161,586 votes) and Coakley had 47% (1,055,409 votes); Kennedy had 1% (22,165 votes).

To get an even better visual of how things went down last night, the following precinct map of Massachusetts provides a quick snapshot of how “red invades blue,” courtesy of The Boston Globe:

I’ll be posting a follow-up posting on immediate reaction to this election later.

9:20pm ET Update:


An adviser to Scott Brown (R) tells the Boston Globe that Martha Coakley (D) has already called to concede the U.S. Senate race.


9:13 p.m. — Coakley has conceded in a call to Scott Brown, according to a Brown aide.

9:00pm ET Update:

52% reporting: Brown 53, Coakley 47

8:45pm ET Update:

LibertarianRepublican: NRO’s Jim Geraghty calls it for Brown:

Obama Towns Are Flipping To Scott Brown. Early Night, Folks.

In 2008, Ashland, Massachusetts went for Obama over McCain, 5,039 votes to 3,181.

Tonight Brown won Ashland 54 percent to 45 percent – 3,467 for Brown while Coakley carried 2,897.

You can call it, folks.

25% precincts #MASen: Brown 52, Coakley 47

8:30pm ET Update:

8% precincts reporting: Brown 52%, Coakley 47%

8:15pm ET Update:

RT @jamiedupree: Very early returns from Massachusetts – Brown up 54-45 with 12 of 2168 precincts reporting

8:00pm ET Update:

Headlines at the moment…

“If you lose Massachusetts and that’s not a wake-up call, there’s no hope of waking up.” — Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN), quoted by ABC News.

Pollster Frank Luntz having difficulty finding Coakley supporters for focus group on election night of Massachusetts senate race

Coakley adviser memo: D.C. Dems ‘failed’ Coakley

Top Senate Democrat Outlines ‘Nuclear Option’ Strategy for Health Care

7:35pm ET Update:

Settling in now preparing for the results to come in. Election results (as they come in) via has a great primer on voting recounts, should it become such a situation.

Sen. Jim DeMint apparently endorses Scott Brown.

Marcia — er, make that Martha — Coakley says Scott Brown is cheating; Scott Brown says that such an accusation was pre-dated; MA SoS says there are no vote problems.

1:55pm ET Update:

Via @senatus, MA SoS Galvin on election announcement:

MA-SEN: Sec of State Galvin says won’t announce unofficial winner unless results are “decisive” –

1:35pm ET Update: reports that “NRSC, RNC quietly moved money into Massachusetts last two weeks” without alerting the Dems.

Here is a pic outside of Scott Brown’s headquarters (courtesy of Eric Odom):

No shortage of media at Brown HQ:

1:20pm ET Update:

Election results (as they come in) via

Maybe there won’t be exit polls after all (via @MichelleMalkin):

WSJ reports there will be no exit polls in #masen cuz no one saw Brown surge coming – h/t @edmorrissey

12:00pm ET Update:

Politico is reporting that Dem GOTV efforts are getting the big wave-off (just mentioned by Rush Limbaugh):

A Democratic operative familiar with Martha Coakley and the DSCC’s massive get-out-the-vote operation says that outreach workers in and around Boston have been stunned by the number of Democrats and Obama supporters who are waving them off, saying they’ll vote for Scott Brown.

11:25am ET Update:

From MSNBC’s First Read, an inadvertent admission of Coakley being -10?:

Some early tidbits from the campaign about turnout….

According to a top Brown campaign adviser, there are “longer lines outside Boston than inside. Not good sign for Coakley. Scott’s voters highly motivated.”

A Democratic source says get-out-the-vote efforts have been good for Coakley, but adds, “I don’t know if the machine gets you 10 points.”

11:15am ET Update:

HolyCoast is keeping up with Massachusetts voter fraud alerts.

10:50am ET Update: has “What our poll-watchers had to say.”

10:30am ET Update:

Via @msbs05:

Early exit polls in the Gardner, Fitchburg and Peabody areas show Brown leading by 14, 17, and 15% points

8:40am ET Update:

The Post & Email reports that early exit polling shows Brown +5…

RightPundits will begin their live chat at 3pm ET today…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 8:30am ET Update:

Live chat beginning over at LegalInsurrection. Hoping that posts a Flash-enabled Tweet-fest later this evening (like they have in previous elections).


This posting will be updated throughout the day on Tuesday, January 19, 2010 with developments.

Polls open State-wide at 7am ET (optionally at 5:45am ET) and close 8pm ET.

In the meantime, here are some updates, sights and sounds on this eve before the Massachusetts Senate special election.

Prof. Jacobson notes the following online stats: via CNN:

On the eve of the Massachusetts special election Tuesday to replace the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, the Republican candidate has dramatically more followers on social networks than the Democratic candidate.

As of Monday morning, Republican Scott Brown has 76,538 fans on his Facebook page. With polls opening in less than 24 hours, Democrat Martha Coakley has 14,441 fans.

On Twitter, Brown has 10,187 followers compared to Coakley’s 3,514 followers. The total uploaded views for Brown’s YouTube videos are 578,271 versus 51,173 for Coakley.

PeachPundit posts that the Fulton County, GA GOP made 7,000 calls for State Senator Scott Brown:

ATLANTA – The Fulton County Republican Party attracted volunteers from Fulton, Gwinnett, and Cobb County this week for phone banks to help State Senator Scott Brown win the U.S. Senate seat that was held for decades by Ted Kennedy. In five days, volunteers placed over 7,000 calls using the new Fulton GOP G.O.T.V. (Get Out The Vote) phone system.

“By electing Scott Brown, the people of Massachusetts are fundamentally changing not only the politics as usual environment that existed in the state for decades, but the short-lived filibuster-proof Democratic majority in Washington,” said Shawn Hanley, Chairman of the Fulton County Republican Party.

“The outpouring of support from our volunteers is a testament of the historic nature of this special election, and the American people’s belief that Scott Brown’s vote is the only way to stop the health care reform legislation from passing.”

The Fulton GOP will host an Election Night Victory Party on Tuesday, January 19 starting at 7:00 p.m. The party headquarters is located at 5920 Roswell Rd Suite B-115 Sandy Springs, GA 30328. Polls in Massachusetts close at 8:00 p.m. Please join us to watch the results come in on two 50” screen TVs.

Speaking of making calls, the following video from RedMassGroup (via GatewayPundit) shows, in one video, quite the contradistinction between the Brown camp versus the Coakley camp on the front lines:

Writer Joan Swirsky has cross-published a column over at The Post & Email entitled, “Brown’s Victory Will Signal Second American Revolution.

And CNN is reporting Mr. Brown saying that, if he wins, he’ll be heading to DC on Friday:

Insurgent Massachussetts Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown told CNN he expects to be installed quickly as Massachusetts’ next senator should he win the state’s special election Tuesday.

Asked about the state of the race, Brown said he’s still campaigning as if he’s running “down 30 points.”

But sounding confident, the GOP state senator says he’s made plans to travel to Washington Friday if he’s victorious.

Brown warned any plan to quickly pass health care reform before the results are certified in Massachusetts would send the wrong message to Americans.

This update gets rounded out with three videos:

The classic “morph” video — JFK to Brown:

Scott Brown and former Mayor Rudy Giuliani:

Yesterday’s Brown rally at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, MA:

See my highlighted coverage under the Category, MA Senate.


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